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Know Your Customers

Receive data directly from the customer's digital wardrobe.

Digitally Streamlined Booking Journey

Digitalised on-demand booking directly from their wardrobe item.

Optimise Efficiency

End to end dashboard for operations and tracking analytics.

Know Your Customers

Know your customers and their garments like never before, powered by data directly from Digital Wardrobe.

Understand garment brand, composition, care details and other information directly from the booking, limiting back and forth with the customer..

Maintain relationships with users through detailed customer preferences and information.

Keep customers coming back with the efficient, personalised service

Pre-filled, detailed product information for service providers to ensure quality, tailored care

Digitally Streamlined Booking Journey

Highly integrated, seamless booking experience for users directly from the app.

Limit back and forth with customers due to all customer needs and data upon booking.

Efficient service requests straight from the item in the digital wardrobe

Pre-filled customer information creating a seamless user journey

Proactive insights from the digital wardrobe to trigger service bookings.

Optimise Efficiency

Meet your personalised dashboard with end to end operations management tools.

Monitor orders and assign to relevant members of your team.

Detailed customer profiles, data and past order history database.

Track performance for any given time period with a customised dashboard of metrics.

Enhance customer support with integrated CRM tools.


Make a Positive Impact

Total Green Impact Since Launch



CO2 Emissions Avoided



GHG Emissions Avoided Equivalent to a Passenger Car



Waste Recycled Instead of Landfill

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Our Network of Service Providers offer services ranging from eco cleaning, repairs, alteration, donation and more!

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