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Your Digital Wardrobe for a Sustainable Fashion Future

The most sustainable garment is the one already in your wardrobe - Orsola de Castro

Available to download now on the App Store and Pre-Order on Google Play

Buy less, but better with your effortless digital wardrobe

The mission of Save Your Wardrobe is to guide you on how to make the most of your wardrobe. Save Your Wardrobe will help you reconnect with the content of your wardrobe. Ultimately, encourage you to buy less, buy better, be happier.


Build your digital wardrobe seamlessly through online receipts or by effortlessly capturing your items using computer vision.


Get personal recommendations based on your lifestyle, calendar and weather.


Repair, dry clean and donate your items, and shop upcycled fashion with just one click through the app using our carefully curated partners.

An Ecosystem of Services

We curate an ecosystem of services as a way to upcycle and extend the life of your garments. Choose from a responsible range of service partners including Eco Dry Cleaning, Repairs, Donations and Responsible Shopping available to book from one unique platform.

Our Service Partners

Repairs & Alterations
Eco Dry Cleaning
Repairs & Cleaning
Responsible Shopping
Save Your Wardrobe partners are committed to foster sustainable initiatives. Combined with our technology we have the common mission to streamline sustainable living.

Orsola De Castro Co-Founder and Creative Director of Fashion Revolution

I love the way that technology gets married with ancient wisdom. I love the fact that we’re looking at sewing, repairing and mending and finding really sustainable systems to keep our clothes much longer.

Katie Baron, Head of Retail at Stylus

Save Your Wardrobe will launch in beta with a concept conceived to tackle the fashion gorge via the somewhat sexier, streamlining-honed lens of personal lifestyle management
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Matthew Drinkwater, Head of Fashion Innovation Agency at the London College of Fashion

There’s also a very young startup called Save Your Wardrobe. They’re beginning to explore the digital assistant space and could do something really exciting
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