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Here’s the thing:

80% of us only wear 20% of what’s in our wardrobes.

Ouch. What a waste.

We say ‘know what you own!’ Then you can make more of the clothes you have and enjoy them for longer.

Our app puts your whole wardrobe at your fingertips. Upload everything. What you love. What’s a bit ‘meh’. What goes with what. What needs a little love. And then, because we connect you to your favourite brands and a whole network of local clothes care specialists, you can make the most of everything you own.

Refresh, repair, re-wear, share. Whatever works.

We give you stats along the way, so you can see the positive difference you’re making. So follow us, download the app, and let’s make fashion circular. Knowledge is your wardrobe superpower.

Your Fashion Superpower in your pocket!

Own your wardrobe with SYW and start to change fashion for good

Refresh, Repair, Re-wear

We’ll connect you with a whole clothes care network to help make the most of what you own.

Fast Local Care Services

Our clothes’ care experts are the ‘fast’ we like in fashion

Help Close the Loop

Download our SYW app and together we can make fashion circular

Our App Features

We’re not just a digital wardrobe app! We can help you access a range of on-demand local aftercare services, including alterations, repairs, eco-cleaning, customisation and upcycling of clothes, thereby extending the life of garments. Our app also uses artificial intelligence to allow garments to be easily scanned, identified and stored in users’ virtual wardrobes, which ultimately helps reduce unnecessary repeat purchases.

Digital Wardrobe

Effortlessly upload your wardrobe! Take pictures of your garments, remove the background and personalise your digital wardrobe with our selection of background colours. Organise your wardrobe and label your items and place them in relevant folders. Build outfits for every occasion and schedule them into your calendar! It’s time to say goodbye to hectic outfit planning.

Ecosystem of Aftercare ServicesOwn your wardrobe with SYW and start to change fashion for good

Access a curated eco-system of aftercare services to make the most of your wardrobe! Choose from a selection of cleaning, repairs, alterations, upcycling and customisation services. Book your services through the app and we’ll handle everything else.

Save Your Wardrobe in Partnership with Showfields

Save Your Wardrobe have partnered with Showfields, a New York based retail concept store built to engage customers through immersive experiences. Our partnership is all about going global whilst staying local, we've extended our circular mission to support existing local providers and small businesses across the pond.

Save Your Wardrobe's vetted aftercare specialists will be performing live upcycling and cleaning services, showcasing our in-store aftercare solution for brands and retailers. 

You can visit Showfields, 11 Bond St. New York, NY 10012 between noon-7pm everyday and you can come and see our live aftercare services Friday, Saturday and Sunday

The Save Your Wardrobe pop-up space at Showfields Noho, image shows blue 'Repair Bar' which reads 'Saving Wardrobes one Repair at a Time'  with sewing utensils on top. The space also features a digital wardrobe activation and upcycled garments on clothes rails.

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