What is Save Your Wardrobe?

We’re a fashion tech platform helping brands and consumers unlock circular fashion with a digital wardrobe while allowing users access to an ecosystem of aftercare services. 

We help you make the most of what you already own. Upload everything into your digital wardrobe. What you love. What’s a bit ‘meh’. What goes with what. What needs a little love. And then, because our app connects you to your favourite brands and a whole network of local clothes care specialists, you can make the most of everything you own.

What clothes care services do you offer?

Save Your Wardrobe is your one stop shop for clothing care and repair. We offer everything from mending and alterations to eco-cleaning, leather repairs, upcycling, sneaker cleaning and customisation! 

Where do you offer services?

We currently offer services nationwide across the UK and Northern Ireland.

How can I get my items serviced with Save Your Wardrobe?

It is super easy to get your items cared for and repaired by us. Either you can book via the ‘services’ tab of our app or right here, head to ‘book services’ to get started!

First things first, enter your postcode and then pick from the range of clothes care services that we offer, from repairs, alterations, eco-cleaning, customisation, upcycling, leather repairs and sneaker cleaning. 

Next give us a few details about your item and upload a few photos. We will then suggest one of our highly skilled service partners to perform your clothes care service. 

Then we will email you to book a collection time. All you need to do is package your item and our carbon neutral logistics provider will pick up your item and drop it back to you once your item is read

Why should I get my items mended?

There are so many reasons to extend the life of your garments! Extending the life of one of your items by just nine months can reduce its environmental impact between 20-30%. That’s not all, repair and care is cost effective, supports local business and reduces consumption!

How much does Save Your Wardrobe cost?

Save Your Wardrobe is a free app! We offer on-demand affordable clothing aftercare services, our repair services start from as little as £3.50! 

Who are Save Your Wardrobe’s Service Partners?

Save Your Wardrobe connects you to a whole network of local clothes care specialists, from leather repairs and restoration to specialist shoe cleaning, our range of carefully vetted expert service partners have you covered. 

What technology does Save Your Wardrobe use?

Save Your Wardrobe uses state-of-the-art AI technology, including machine learning, computer vision, and a recommendation engine, to provide a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

How did Save Your Wardrobe start?

Save Your Wardrobe was founded by Hasna Kourda and Mehdi Doghri in 2017. Their Tunisian upbringing gave the pair strong values of circularity and zero waste. After seeing how people in Europe are so disconnected from the clothes in their wardrobe and the resulting waste driven by such behaviour, Hasna’s idea for Save Your Wardrobe was born. 
Our mission is to guide users on how to make the most of their wardrobe and reduce waste.

What are you doing with my data?

1.  Connects you to a whole clothes care network to help you make the most of what you already own. 

2. Puts your whole wardrobe at your fingertips meaning you can reconnect with the content of your wardrobe and reduce unnecessary repeat purchases. 

3. Supports local businesses by connecting customers with aftercare partners so clothes are loved for longer!

4. Encourages rewearing your clothing by allowing you to filter items by colour, mood or occasion and create outfits. 

5. Streamlines getting dressed in the morning by allowing users to add their outfits into their calendar ahead of time!

6. Gives insights into your wardrobe usage and allows you to know which are your most worn items, brands and the colour breakdown of your wardrobe. 

7. Encourages more sustainable consumption by providing the Good on You rating of the brands within your wardrobe. 

What is the difference between Save Your Wardrobe and other wardrobe management apps?

Our platform is unlike any other digital wardrobe app as it provides users with the tools to not only optimise their wardrobes but also to extend the life of their garments through a range of on-demand clothes care services. Caring for your clothes has never been easier with the Save Your Wardrobe app, we offer a carbon neutral pick up and delivery service so your clothes are returned straight back to you ready to be worn for years to come!