Our Story.

Hasna Kourda was born and raised in Tunisia, with a background in Economics and Corporate Strategy, and with strong values of circularity and zero waste. Hasna’s grandmother would upcycle garments at the end of their life to create a Kilim; a traditional handwoven rug that cools the floors of homes in Tunisia’s blistering summer. 

Inspired by her grandmother’s rags to rugs approach, and after witnessing overconsumption across Europe, Kourda’s idea for Save Your Wardrobe was born. She believed that circular fashion ultimately came down to making the most of what people already owned in their wardrobe. Her passion for a more circular fashion economy led her to co-found the company along with her husband, Mehdi Doghri, in 2017. 

In 2020, amidst a global pandemic and a fashion industry facing its most urgent moment, the Save Your wardrobe app was born. A tech platform drawing from an ecosystem of easy to access aftercare services and a digital wardrobe that supports a closed loop where waste is reduced and clothes are treasured for longer. 

SYW is driving a systemic change with a pioneering yet practical solution that brings together global brands, local businesses and consumers everywhere.

SYW, Weaving the fabric of circular fashion.