I didn’t choose the minimalistic wardrobe it chose me! And I am not complaining about it after all.

As I went through the pregnancy weigh change I was lucky enough to be able to wear my clothes up to the end of the 7th month. Then I thought it would be a waste of money to invest in maternity clothes.

Being confortable was my number one concern and then I found myself digging into my husband’s clothes, some of which was stylish enough if paired with some of my accessories.

It was the beginning of my wardrobe shrinkage. I didn’t shop for anything new and oddly enough, once I gave birth I was the happiest to get back to my old beloved clothes.

Despite me, once I narrowed down to what only fit me I was left with basically a capsule wardrobe:

A couple of jackets, two white dresses, a black one, two denim dresses, three shirts, three t-shirts, three sleeveless tops, three pairs of jeans, two skirts, a pair of shorts, a playsuit and countless maternity leggings that I wear as pyjamas.

Lucky you, you don’t need to go through the hustle of a pregnancy to create a capsule wardrobe. Here is a simple guide of what you should invest in.


A tailored jacket can dress up any laid-back outfit. You can also opt for a bomber jacket or for more of a statement; a biker jacket. Chosen wisely you can throw it on and get an instant effortless chic look.


Easy to throw on, you can make a statement out of their prints or their shapes. Choose a top that is versatile. Dress down or up with a pair of cropped flare jeans and flats or a skirt and mules.

Off the shoulder tops are the pieces of this summer and probably the next two as well.


The LBD is one if not the must have of every wardrobe. And for that matter less is more. I like simple shirt dresses or plain black dress with very small details. Some say that LWD (little white dress) is the new black.

Slip-on dresses are trendy. Wear it as it is or with a turtle neck and accessorise it to bring a good old 90s vibe to your look.


This section might be the one you would reach out the most every day or in the week-end. Identify what shapes compliments your body the most. At the moment, the trends are cropped and flare jeans. If you don’t like that kind of look stick to what you feel confortable in. You can always add a seasonal twist if you feel like to give the trend a go.


Skirts are a playful alternative to jeans or trousers. Whenever I wear a skirt I feel a bit too fancy so I usually play it down with a plain shirt or sweater and a pair of snickers. I have selected here midi pleated skirts and denim skirts which both are my favorites.

Shorts and playsuits:

If you are not quite into dresses or skirts you can try shorts or playsuits.

Playsuits are like dresses an easy way to get dressed quickly with a maximum effect.


At the end of the day, you should curate a well thought collection of easy and versatile basics. That should help you reach an effortless chic style. Whenever I browse the Internet for new finds, I often use the wish-list widget. I save whatever I am interested in and come back days or weeks later (if I didn’t forget about it). I would consider buying it only if the love is as strong as the first time I saw it and if I would get enough wears out of it. Otherwise I am very happy to save my money!

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