Next week I’ll be spending a few days in Paris to attend a wedding and I am very excited about it!

I lived in Paris for more than six years before moving to London. I must say that the Parisian style is a really serious matter! La Parisienne style is a stamp ladies take pride of.

From Bohème chic to Edgy looks, you will encounter several street styles as you wander through the streets of Paris. From an arrondissement to another, dress codes are completely different. Ladies in the Quartier Latin will not dress exactly as ladies in the 16eme or ladies in the 11eme. However they all have in common a strong sense of fashion.

The Parisian way to dress up is simply to dress down. Your look should say that you have put the smallest effort into mix matching your outfit but still look dazzling. Looks are often sober and sprinkled with edgy accessories or designer shoes and handbags.

Although Parisians spend a lot of time shopping, they are reluctant to admit it. If you compliment a girl on something she is wearing, she’ll pretend that it is an old rag her great grand mother handed her down or she found in a thrift shop or it’s an auctioned vintage piece.

Style is important and even more it has to be natural and seem effortless. I have selected for you twelve pieces to pack . You can easily combine with each other and wear from day to night simply by wearing heels or embrace flats even by night.

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