It’s wedding season and you probably have been invited to celebrate one or two happily-ever-after events.

I always look forward to share the happiness with the people who decided to tie the knot. Finding the right dress to wear is part of the fun.

Sometimes it’s easy and I don’t need too much time to think about it and sometimes it requires a little more planning especially if the wedding takes place abroad. I only keep in mind that no matter how much effort I put into it, I shouldn’t look like I tried too hard. And… I am not the bride 🙂

I used to buy new clothes whenever I had an event to attend to and then never wear again. Now whatever I am buying it becomes part of my permanent collection. Also it is quite handy to have one or two occasion dresses to wear for these events. It saves you time and money if you can’t afford to spend either.

Colour wise, unless you are holding a grudge against the bride, you should not consider wearing anything white. You are most likely to gather more blame than praise. The invitation should precise the dress code. You can always ask the bride or the bridesmaid if there is a colour theme going on.

Have a look at what I wore to my brother in law wedding on my Instagram page.

For more inspiration, head to my occasion wear page to find a complete selection of outfits that you can wear for a wedding in the city.

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