By Lise.

Customise your basics to make them your own or give a second life to your well loved items.

Basics are always a good idea, but to wear them with a little twist, customise them with fun and/or personal embroideries !

Maison Labiche – the chic option

Maison Labiche Blondie Marinière

Maison Labiche offers to embroider up to 15 letters on a jumper, a T-shirt, a breton top or a shirt. Your man and your children can also have their own !

Hello Jonesie – the local option

Hello Jonesies babies bodies

For Parisians, Hello Jonesie is hand-stitched drawings and words up to 10 letters on organic cotton sweatshirts and t-shirts. For men and kids as well. You can of course be delivered wherever you want. I personally did one with my kid’s name and I definitely recommend them!

Atelier Paulin – the romantic option

Atelier Paulin Goldfilled 14 carats twisted wires

Atelier Paulin is shaping handcuffs, earrings and broches into your loved one’s name. You can have them in silver, rose gold or gold for an ever lasting present. One thing though, no accents permitted 😊

Thea Jewelry – the fun option

Tea Jewelry earrings

With Thea Jewelry, you can shape rings, bracelets, necklaces, pins, earrings, cuffs into your name or beloved one. Mostly in gold or silver but it can also be made with multicolour strass, perfect for a newborn gift !

Chatelles – the Royal’s favorite

My chatelles Loafers

They come in many different fabrics and colours, velvet, strass, suede, lace, etc. and you can either add a coloured pompom or embroider your initials on the top.

Edie Parker – the glamorous option

Edie Parker Bespoke Jean Clutch

Never loose you clutch in a party anymore, now you can create your own party clutch. Edie Parker offers a fun way to personalise your bag, with glitter fonts and fun shapes. There is a minimum of one month of waiting time, but it can worth it !

Lise is a Fashion Publicist who lives in Paris. She’s a fashion enthusiast and knows a lot about Parisian style and trends.
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