Our CEO and Co-Founder, Hasna Kourda, started Save Your Wardrobe with a hope of making consumers more aware of their after purchase behaviour. 

At the end of its lifecycle an item can be donated, gifted, repurposed or recycled, however in most cases it ends up in a landfill.

Hasna grew up in Tunisia, where as in many other African countries, textiles from European countries are exported and thrown away in landfills, causing major environmental issues. 

Fortunately, Hasna had her grandmother as the greatest example of circularity, showing her how to make the most of each textile. 

The story of her inspiring grandmother is featured in the new issue of Fashion Revolution’s Fanzine, which you can buy here.

More details on how Save Your Wardrobe is providing a solution by combining technology with a zero waste mentality, will be given on the 25th of April, when Hasna will be a panelist on Fashion Revolution’sWhat’s going to save us and change the way we consume…Technology?’ event at the Sarabande Foundation. Book your ticket here.

Hope to see you there!