1 Slip Dress, 5 Ways to Style it

7 Oct 2021
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Carrie Bradshaw, Kate Moss, Marylin Monroe and Naomi Campbell… What do all these women have in common? Apart from being absolutely iconic, they also know how to style a slip dress very well. And let’s be honest, we all have one in our wardrobe!

To make sure you are making the most out of your slip dresses and to help you transition some of your warmer weather pieces to winter, let’s look at the different ways you can style your slip dress.

1. Over a shirt

There are many advantages to wearing a shirt under your slip dress. First, if you are cold, this is a great way to add a layer and some warmth. Second, this enables any slip dress to become appropriate for outside wear, even very lacy ones. Third, it adds an edgy element to the outfit.

2. With an oversized jumper

We were just talking about the transition to winter, and this outfit is perfect for exactly that. Use a chunky knit over your slip dress for a contrasted look that is comfortable yet stylish. Another way you can differentiate the look is by choosing a specific colour palette, either colour-blocking or using monochrome. 

3. Over a blouse

For a more dressed-up option, choose a nice blouse to wear underneath your dress. This can go from a stiff white shirt to a gauzy shirt and will also protect you from wind or slight cold, with your arms covered up. It can also be a modest option for those that don’t want to show their arms.

4. With a boxy blazer

Following on more dressed-up options, why not add a boxy blazer to your slip dress? The boxiness of the blazer will add an element of tailoring to the outfit and make you look put together even if you took 10 seconds to get out the door. 

5. With a loose-fitting trench

Finally, to really cement looks that work for the colder months, put on a loose-fitting trench over your slip dress. If it isn’t such a cold day, a cotton or linen trench could work perfectly, but if it is, reach for a wool trench for the perfect winter look.

And there you go, you now have a lot of options to style your slip dress throughout the colder seasons. Create your outfits in the app and show us the combinations you have come up with by tagging the Save Your Wardrobe Instagram account. Struggling to take photos of your items? Check out our guide for taking photos of your clothing.