5 minutes with our Founder, Hasna Kourda

14 Oct 2021
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A few weeks ago, we went to the TRAID warehouse to shoot Thought Clothing’s new Recycled, Repurposed, Reimagined campaign. This campaign celebrates Thought Clothing’s commitment to circularity through the design of their clothes and their partnership with TRAID to help their clients donate more easily. 

Our co-founder, Hasna Kourda, had a chat with Thought Clothing where they asked her some questions about the business.

Thought Clothing: What does an average day look like for you and the team?

Hasna Kourda: Every day we spend half of the morning doing stand up catch ups. This is an opportunity to have all teams (Tech, product, design, marketing etc.) aligned together and also share any challenge or difficulty they may face. It is also a great way to ensure good and fluid communication especially at a time where we are mostly working remotely.

On my end I wake up a bit earlier to catch up with my emails, organise my day and prepare for any priority that can arise overnight. I also love to take time for one to one meetings and make sure that my team’s needs or wellbeing are met. The whole lockdown has exacerbated some mental health issues and the need for providing a safe environment for the team to grow personally but also professionally.

TC: How do you think your business will evolve in the next few years? 

HK: Our plan for the coming month is to expand internationally and offer our sustainability solution to a wider audience. I think it’s really important that we empower more people in their journey towards more mindful consumption. Shifting the narrative from being passive consumers towards more activism or what we call fashion citizenship. We would like to make it as easy as possible to understand and adopt circular lifestyles. To achieve that we need to include all of the industry players that are key to unlock aftercare services. We are heavily investing on our Service Infrastructure Platform and we aim at having more skill or workshop owners navigate the digital transformation opportunities.

TC: What inspires you in your job?

HK: There is a lot of movement in the sustainability area at the moment. There are good initiatives and ones that could look like green washing. I love how younger generations are able to call out any marketing lead green campaigns and demanding for more transparency. Seeing the market move so fast and actively requesting from brands more sustainable options is very inspiring.

I am also very impressed by my team and how they are motivated to change the way the industry is built from a tech, design or product point of views. Being surrounded by talented people with such a drive makes every challenge an exciting one to solve together.

TC: What was your favourite piece to wear in the campaign shoot?

HK: I loved the dress! It was extremely stylish and comfortable! Cherry on the cake was it was made from recycled materials! I also loved how easy and versatile they were which made them very easy to wear from day to night by simply changing the accessories.

I also wanted to give a special mention to the puffa coat! Super light and snuggly. It’s in my opinion one of the hero pieces of the collection! I was sad to take it off even though it was quite a warm day.

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