Alterations and Repairs: an alternative to waste

12 Feb 2020
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The saying “make do and mend” was first used during the Second World War, when clothes rationing was introduced. Using, reusing and mending your own clothes was encouraged as a way of reducing everyone’s consumption. 

Even though it has been more than 70 years since this rationing was implemented, the saying still goes, and the thought process behind it can motivate us in making more sustainable choices regarding the clothes we wear. In a world where we are constantly prompted to consume more and more, it is important to recognise what we already own. 

Extending the lives of the clothes you already own is one of the best things you could do on your way to sustainability. Thinking of binning that top that has a rip? Or that pair of trousers whose zipper broke? Getting rid of your damaged clothes should not be your first resort. Mending and repurposing clothes can help you diminish your waste while giving a new life to the clothes you have worn and loved.

Clothes Doctor is an online clothing maintenance platform that takes care of your damaged or ill-fitting clothes.  You can send the clothes you want to be mended and receive professional care for them. From alterations to cleaning and restoring your clothes, it is a great platform to use, as you are sure to get the results you want for your clothes. Caring for your clothes is essential when you want them to last long.

By mending and prolonging the life of your clothes, you avoid creating waste, that can be detrimental for the planet in the long run. Clothes Doctor use and sell eco-friendly products so that you can learn to care for your clothes the right way. Their products are made with natural ingredients that are biodegradable. They are also specialised for different types of garments: for silk, wool, sportswear, and more, making it easy both to increase the longevity of your garments and care for the environment.

We believe that caring for your clothes is also caring for the planet. As we strive to live sustainable and less wasteful lives, taking care of your clothes can be the first step you take in that direction. Purchasing the right care products for your items or bringing them in for repairs are just some of the things you could do to reduce your waste.