Choose Good Clothes!

20 Sept 2020
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Choosing your clothes well can have a real impact on your impact. Lone Design Club offers a carefully curated selection of sustainable and ethical brands to make it easier for you to shop more consciously.

What is Lone Design Club?

By seamlessly blending their physical stores with online digital experiences, Lone Design Club is shaking up the conventional shopping experience by challenging traditional retail offerings. Both in the UK and internationally, LDC offers a multifaceted shopping experience through lG lives, digital events and a wide-ranging online shop.

Each LDC concept store is unique, whether it is displaying a new emerging premium brand, discovering one-of-a-kind products, or gaining a glimpse into the fashion world with in‐store experiences and events. LDC focuses on independent brands with traceable and mindful practices, enabling you to shop consciously while knowing the story behind every purchase you make.

Who is behind LDC?

Rebecca Morter is the Founder and CEO of Lone Design Club, launched in 2018. Rebecca has directly experienced building an independent brand and is now working to solve the exact problems she experienced getting her designs to market and creating new solutions to outdated selling models such as wholesale.

Over the past eight years, she has built a reputation as a champion for independents and is a regular speaker on topics around the changing face of retail, ethics, sustainability. She has been featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, The Independent, Metro and The Times.

The LDC standards

To help conscious customers learn more about their impact while making purchasing decisions, the Lone Design Club has devised a set of values represented by symbols that give a view on the brand’s supply chain and values.

Innovating along their journey

While Lone Design Club offers innovative brands that try to answer the issues caused by sustainability, this isn’t the only way the company innovates.

Lone Design Club have created an innovative omnichannel connection between their physical and online stores. Indeed, there are QR codes in every LDC shop, which enable customers to learn more about the designers and the clothing. LDC also proposes livestream shopping, where customers all over the world can tune in and watch the team go through edits to bestseller pieces, straight from the shop floor.

The Impact of LDC

By buying from responsible brands and independent designers, you are doing the planet and your wardrobe some good, but do you know exactly how much?

To give you a better idea of how beneficial for our planet it is to shop second-hand, we have calculated the CO2 equivalent saved by the LDC community:

Almost 1 Ton of CO2e saved: This is the amount CO2e is saved monthly through collective sales.
More than 10 Tons of CO2 saved: This is the annual impact of Dotte’s community when selling unwanted clothes online.

To help you gain a better understanding of the positive impact that LDC is making by selling clothes that would have ended up in landfill, 10 Tons of CO2e is the equivalent of:

— 1,128,782 of smartphones being charged
— 23,321 Miles driven by an average passenger car
— 912 gallons of gasoline consumed