De-clutter Your Wardrobe

24 Jun 2016
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After my pregnancy and three months of maternity coma, we moved in a new apartment. It was the perfect opportunity to sort out the mess in my wardrobe.

The process of moving helped me get rid of clothes that got lost in the abyss of my wardrobe like that Christmas jumper I only wore once or several pairs of jeans I forgot about the existence.

Once I arrived in our new place it was a fresh start.

Naturally I stoked in a compactor a majority of my pre-pregnancy clothes I used to wear but obviously have to wait a couple of months (may be less who knows) before wearing again.

I decided to give the minimalistic wardrobe concept a try. Keeping clothes I would easily style and combine for an instant effortless chic look. I narrowed down to twenty-ish spring summer clothes. 

When you have a baby or you are a busy woman you want to be efficient. You have only 5 minutes to decide what to wear and still want to get the wow effect!

Here are my tips to build a dynamic and efficient wardrobe

When you open your wardrobe doors outfits’ ideas should pop up straight away.

Too many clothes can be overwhelming. You often end up blinded by too many options, telling yourself the dreaded: I have nothing to wear and finally go for the same top-jeans combo you have been wearing way too many times.

Start by emptying your wardrobe and divide your clothes into three categories:

Keep, Seasonal and Give away.

The keep pile: Items you do get a lot of wear out of. Full stop. Nothing else. Full stop.

The tricky part in this pile is that you tend to get too sentimental and make excuses to keep that un-wearable cropped top from seasons ago, which now fits more like a bra…

Bringing us to the Throw away/Give away or sell pile: Stay strong you can do it.

If for some reason you still feel like it is too hard to give away a piece of clothing, try giving it to a family member or a friend. If you miss it you can still steal it back.

Was it an expensive piece? You can sell it and use the money to buy to refresh your wardrobe.

Regarding clothes that are waiting for your skinnier body to bloom, set a time goal. By three months retry things you have put aside. You should incorporate back only the items that you are able to easily combine with the rest of your clothes.

Once you are happy with what you want to keep, store the seasonal clothes away and make as much space as you can for what you are going to put back to your wardrobe.

How I organise my clothes

I am notorious for my laziness or as I would call it optimising my efforts when it comes to everything I intend to do: Minimise my effort and maximise the result.

I hang my clothes as much as I can without over packing the hanging space. I also put the clothes I like to wear together next to each other so that I can see every possible combination at a glance. It is not about an outfit-by-outfit display but more about family categories that goes well with each other.

Store merchandisers arrange clothing rails lightly so the customer is not overflowed with too many choices to make. Matching pieces are put next to each other to increase cross selling (not only you pick up the trousers but also the matching top and the right accessories to go along).

Basically that’s what I do when I organise my clothes. Instead of the traditional tops together, trousers in one side, skirts in the other side…

In the process I discover options I didn’t think of. This way I save time when it comes to deciding what to wear. Whenever I get the chance I update these combinations.

Once you are all done and happy with the result you may identify wardrobe holes.

You will be able to fill in the gaps and indulge yourself in nice pieces following the adage: Buy less, buy better. And that’s your reward for your efforts.

As you find yourself shopping for new treasures, you can fall back in the old habit of buying too much. Either for the sake of a low price tag or for a designer piece you have randomly found on sale. Remind yourself of how much effort you have put into de-cluttering your wardrobe and the frustration of giving/throwing away pieces you thought you loved.

Just like an athlete’s diet, you want to have a clean and lean wardrobe. At the end of the day you want to curate a nice collection of well-loved clothes.

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