Declutter your Wardrobe

5 Aug 2021
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Not having visibility on your wardrobe can prevent you from enjoying and wearing your clothes. This can lead to buying more of the same clothes because you don’t realise what you already have. 

Every month, we ask that you participate in one different challenge to enhance your wardrobe and sustainable practices. This month, we will look into how you can declutter your wardrobe to make the most of your clothes.

What you need? Your clothes, the Save Your Wardrobe app and 15 minutes per day. So let’s get started to get a decluttered wardrobe.

1. Scroll your wardrobe and find a clothing item you haven’t worn in a while

To start off, make sure all of your clothes are in the Save Your Wardrobe app. With your clothes all available on your phone, you should have an overview of the clothes you have and the clothes you wear often. 

Think back on the clothes you haven’t worn in some time. We’re not saying 1 month, 2 months or 3 months, but 6 whole months. Click on the folder function on the SYW (icon to the left on the top right) wardrobe tab and choose all of the items you haven’t worn for that long.

2. Ask yourselves the below questions and document your answers

Once your folder is ready, take 15 minutes each day to progressively go through your clothes. Ask yourself these questions:

Do I love it? 

Do I know how to style it? 

Would I buy it right now?

Can I upcycle and rewear it? 

If you have at least one yes to one of these questions, this piece could be your next favorite thing! Keep it in your wardrobe. If you have only responded no to the questions, put the clothing piece aside.

1. By the end of the month, you should know which pieces you want to keep, clean, upcycle or refresh

After having spent 15 minutes every day responding to these questions, you should have gone through all of the clothes in your ‘Declutter Challenge’ folder. You should now know which clothes you want to keep and those that you would like to donate responsibly. 

For those items that you answered you would rewear once restored, cleaned or upcycled, head over to our services tab to choose the service you need and make your clothes look brand new to you!

2. Donate or sell the rest!

For the clothes you had taken out of your wardrobe because you weren’t making the most out of them, they can still continue being circulated! Go to our services tab and choose donations. You will then be able to use our service partner to send your clothes to get re-sold to other people, or donated. Otherwise, resell your clothes on platforms like Depop!

And… you’re done! How’s your wardrobe looking? If you want any more inspiration, we wrote a blog onthe different ways you can tie-dye your clothes in an eco-friendly way. Check it out!