Depop Superstars: In Conversation with Essii Store

2 Dec 2022
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We’re here with the latest instalment in our series: DEPOP SUPERSTARS, We recently sat down to chat with Niamh, the force behind cult Depop brand Essii Store.

Georgia: What started your love of vintage? 

Niamh: The big thing was my mum’s attitude to buying clothes, when we were kids she would buy me one of everything and that would have to last for years. This idea that clothes can and should last has stuck with me and I find vintage clothing has the best chance of achieving this longevity, it has already been around for a long time and has the potential to have many lives.

My mum and my sister are proper hippies, my sister specifically used to buy so much in the charity shop. I remember she had these amazing sequin vintage waistcoats and I just wanted to look like her! It’s a funny story, I actually started out on Depop by selling her clothes when I was around 16 as she was away travelling. She messaged me from New Zealand saying ‘what are you doing? Why are you selling my clothes!?’

G: What do you look for when sourcing for Essii?

Niamh modelling vintage from Essii Store

N: We source from all over the world and we hand pick each item ourselves. Essii is all about the connection with the items sourced. We want the brand to be able to cater to everyone, we want things that suit everyone, our bio is ‘whatever your vibe we got you’. We want people to keep wearing our pieces again and again. Even though y2k has been a trend for such a long time now, we won’t go for the really tacky garish pieces, it is hot right now but that isn’t going to be trendy forever. 

I want Essii to orient towards timelessness, it is time for longevity to come back! I think Y2K could be dead! All the different very niche categories which are popular for example cottagecore, Y2K, footballcore, a lot of this originated on Depop, these categories have been picked up as by the fast fashion industry and have spawned countless different micro-trends. 

Fast-fashion brands making copies of vintage items is what I am talking about in action. I have seen so many fake vintage college sweatshirts, for example H&M making Harvard sweaters, they’re sh*t quality and college athleisure is something we have lots of stock. Buy vintage!

G: What do you think of this new trend where fast-fashion brands are launching their own resale platforms? Do you think this will impact Depop’s popularity?

N: I have been thinking about this a lot and I have mixed feelings. 

I do not think this will even touch Depop, the fast-fashion resale platforms are going to be clogged with so much worthless stuff that no one wants to buy. I did some research and the platforms are asking for seller fees after three months. You really can’t get a PLT dress to sell for anything more than £4, with seller fees that’s really going to be just £2 in your pocket. 

I think the system is completely illogical as the RRP of these items is already so low. As a consumer, why would you buy a dress that has been worn when you can buy a brand new one for a similar price. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Obviously this is just a greenwashing exercise. It does make my blood boil but at the same time I do think it will make the problem even more visible as it pushes the point that these items have a shockingly short life-span and almost no resale value. 

G: Girlboss/ hustle culture can be very intense! What do you do to relax? 

N: I never relax LOL, even at 2am steaming at the pub I’m replying to Depop messages and accepting offers!

Saying that, I have recently started cooking and baking which is a great form of mindfulness. I can make a really good choc fudge cake, it was the best thing I have eaten in my life. Next up I’m going to try breadmaking so watch this space.

G: What do you envisage for the future of fashion? 

Essii Store Vintage

N: I want trends to die! They are hugely exacerbating the environmental impact of fast-fashion. I also really want people to value their clothing more. I want people to think more about what they are buying, why they are buying it, and if they even have space for it!?

Personal style is so important for self expression and also for the environment. I think fast-fashion is a killer of personal style as it encourages this ‘I’m going out tonight and I NEED a new top’, almost for the sake of it. I think ultimately I would like people to think more about what they buy, mindful consumption is key to the future of fashion.

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