Donating responsibly: The sustainable alternative

29 Jan 2020
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Whether we want to declutter our wardrobe or lessen our waste, donating our unwanted clothes is seen as an easy fix. Donating clothes can also be a great way to help people who can’t afford to buy clothes, or to help and support charities.

But donating isn’t always what it seems to be, and the clothes you donate often get sent to landfills, or end up in textile manufactures. The textiles are then shredded and are transformed into scraps to be used in other industries. Even though this is a way of recycling the clothes, the scraps cannot be recycled or reused after this, making it a closed-ended cycle.

Most people aren’t aware of the faulty side of donating, but some companies are making it easy and affordable to give your clothing a second life.

Thrift+ is a website that collects your unwanted, quality clothes, and acts like an online charity shop. They allow you to choose which charity you want to support, making it very versatile. They also promise to donate 33% of the money made from sales compared to an average of 19% in high street charities. So if you are donating clothes with the goal in mind to help charitable causes, you could make a bigger difference by donating responsibly!

Donating clothes when decluttering your wardrobe is an easy way to give your garments a second life. But it can be disheartening when you learn that the items you have loved and cared for will maybe be dumped in landfills. This might stunt your progress in letting go of clothes you have no use for anymore. Companies like Thrift+ ensure that your clothes are sold at a fair price and deal with quality pieces. They also alert you when your pieces of clothing are being sold, and you get credit to spend on their site. This allows you to buy second-hand clothes while giving to charities. 

Thrift+ has partnered up with Farfetch, the luxury fashion platform, making buying new clothes a conscious and responsible thing to do. When you donate through the partnership, you’re donating to a charity and you can also get credit to use on Farfetch clothes. 

Responsible donations are better for the environment, better for your clothes, and can even help you invest in clothes you will love to wear!