How to be a sustainable wedding guest

22 Jul 2021
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Summer, the season of sun as well as weddings. Now that all our friends will have postponed their weddings for a year or sometimes more, you already know you are going to be attending multiple local weddings before the end of summer.

However, this season also comes with one important question: How can I be a sustainable wedding guest? For events where we usually rush to buy something new, let’s pause for a second and see the three ways you can be a sustainable wedding guest!

1. Wear the dress from last year or the year before!

Have you already been to a few weddings in the past few years? Then surely, you will have something to wear at the wedding this year. Having to go to a wedding shouldn’t always mean you need to buy something new, especially if you felt great in it.

Take out last year’s (or in this case the year prior to that) dress for your wedding. Since it was hidden away in your closet or stored somewhere obscure, it could have a few wrinkles that need to be taken out. Don’t hesitate to use our cleaning services to make sure the dress looks absolutely perfect.

Otherwise, if it needs a little tailoring to make sure it fits just like it did the first time, our service partners also offer this. Simply go to the services tab and click on our repairs and alterations categories.

2. Borrow or swap your items with your friends

Now, not all of us have been to a wedding or have kept wedding guest dresses, but your friends sure will have. Go eye up your friends’ instagram photos and check out occasion wear that you thought looked great.

Take out your phone and send a text, ‘can I borrow your dress?’, if yes, then you are set for your wedding and ready to go! Otherwise, you can always check out swap platforms and get an item that might not be your friends, but that has been swapped nonetheless. 

3. If you really don’t have anything, buy an eco-friendly dress

And what if it’s a first for you and all your friends? Then you can still buy yourself a ‘new’ dress or suit, but only if they have very specific characteristics. 

First, where you spend your money links to your values, so make sure the dress you are buying is eco-friendly and ethical. This is easy to see by going to Good on You, a directory that tells you exactly how a brand is doing on that end. This is also available straight through our app on our Responsible Shopping tab.

Second, you can also choose to buy a dress or suit that is vintage. The most harmful part of buying a new item of clothing is all the pollution released by producing a new garment. And less microplastics will come off of previously worn items!

Finally, choose an item of clothing that you will rewear. At Save Your Wardrobe, we’re not here for a one time thing, we’re here for the long game. Open your digital wardrobe to see the different ways you can style and wear an item before deciding if it is really worth it to buy it.

These are our suggestions to be a sustainable wedding guest. We hope it helped! And since we are still looking at local weddings, check out our last blog to see how you can pack a light suitcase for your trip to the wedding.