How to mix textures, a styling masterclass

10 Nov 2021
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The sun is now setting earlier and we are officially into pumpkin spice season. For some, this might mean heavy jackets, fleeces and woolly socks and with that, having to buy warmer clothes. 

But instead of buying new clothes, as we transition to winter, why not be creative and mix textures?  This will enable you to keep fuzzy and warm while using the clothes that are already in your wardrobe. For those who don’t know exactly what goes with what, here are the different ways you can mix the textures in your wardrobe.

1. Velvet and Silk

A great hack to feel both warm and classy? The velvet and silk combo. Take your silk blouses, skirts or dresses out of your closet and pair them with a velvet blazer or jacket. To be even more fashion-forward, don’t hesitate to choose a bold colour combo. Pink and red? Brown and Black? Count us in!

The Save Your Wardrobe outfit creator with a Velvet and Silk look

2. Denim and Sequins

Just because it’s colder doesn’t mean we will stop going out on the town. For this one, you need a versatile look, both fancy enough to go to dinner, but light enough in the case that you go dancing afterwards. Nothing easier than sequins and denim! Use your sequined new year’s eve top for some easy glam. Otherwise, go for low key glam with a bold sequin jacket. 

The perfect autumn party look – sequins and straight-leg jeans

3. Knitwear and Leather

Finally, let’s look at a ‘comfy but still cool’ look that you can wear anywhere. Grandma an avid knitter? This is the perfect occasion to make her happy to see her creation on you and still look edgy. Pair your grandmother’s wool cardigan with a leather skirt for this look. Neutral tones will work the best for this outfit. 

And a last casual yet edgy look with a wool cardigan and leather skirt

Done! You are now a texture mixing expert! While we are now looking ahead to the colder months, with Halloween still fresh in our minds, don’t forget to keep your Halloween costume by putting it back in your wardrobe. Otherwise, you might be part of our scary sustainability costume facts…