How to pack light

15 Jul 2021
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We are now in the middle of summer, and many of us will now be looking to take a vacation. With the current situation, we suggest visiting the region around you and discovering places you might not have been to before.

A local vacation is a perfect occasion for you to pack light, also making the journey to your destination that much simpler. Whether it be a weekend trip or a week, let’s look into how we can make sure your luggage is so light you barely feel it.

1. Start planning your outfits by checking the weather

It’s true, we don’t all live in the UK, but even if it has been the sunniest week, you never know what to expect for the week after that. So first easy tip, check your weather app. Nothing takes space in your luggage like clothes that you aren’t going to wear. 

Once you have checked the weather, make sure to bring clothes that will work. Is it raining one day? Bring a raincoat to make sure you are protected on that day. If you have a poncho, even better, it could take up even less space!

2. Save your outfits in your digital wardrobe

Once you have checked the weather and you know what items you are going to need to have the perfect holiday, open your save your wardrobe app and put the items you have chosen into outfits. Save them and add the dates of your holidays.

Not only will this enable you to pack quickly, this will also prevent you from adding any unnecessary items to your bag, or adding more than you will need for the duration of your time away. 

3. Pack wrinkle-free garments

Now let’s talk about materials. When packing for a holiday, it is best to pack wrinkle-free items. You wouldn’t want to bring a steamer or iron with you right? That would defeat the whole purpose of packing light. 

Some materials that wrinkle very easily are hemp and linen. On the contrary, cashmere, wool or lyocell are almost wrinkle-free. Choose these materials for well-packed and wrinkle-free items once out of your luggage. 

4. Reuse items, don’t be afraid to wear an item twice

When you were saving your outfits, did you think about how you could pair that t-shirt multiple times with other bottoms? Keep in mind that you can restyle your clothes, don’t be afraid to have one t-shirt for two bottoms or the opposite.

You can easily save two different outfits in Save Your Wardrobe and use the same items multiple times. Or use our list feature to put the item you will rewear as the cover photo and add the items that will go with it.

5. Roll your clothes

This will enable you to fit more clothes into your bag or luggage. No really, we’ve done the test and if you roll your clothes, you can fit more than by folding them. This works best with smaller items, jumpers might end up looking bigger when rolled up.

One extra benefit is that rolling your clothes can help them be less wrinkly, which can help with more natural materials. 

And once you’re back from holiday and throwing all your clothes in your laundry basket, take a look if they actually need to be washed. Washing less is one of the best ways to reduce microplastics. Check out our last blog for more on this.