How to rewear your merino wool this summer

24 Jun 2021
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Ah summer, the perfect time to wear skirts, dresses and vests. And what better material would they be made in than merino wool?

Merino wool, apart from being soft and irritation-free, also has benefits that work especially well during the summer months. First, merino wool regulates your temperature, making your usually sweaty clothes not so sweaty anymore. It cools you down when it is warm and warms you up when it is cold. Second, it is antibacterial, which means it won’t get smelly, even after multiple wears, useful when it is warm, and sustainable to add to that due to less washing cycles.

One of our personal favorite brands of merino wool is Smalls Merino, for its commitment to sustainability and traceability. Plus, you can even machine wash their wool and it doesn’t pill! So to give you a bit of inspiration, here are a couple of ways you can wear your merino wool vest during the summer months:

1. On its own

This is a classic. I don’t think we need to tell you much. A vest and jeans will always work, as will a vest and a skirt. Simple for the win on this one.

2. Underneath a see-through shirt

Your vest can also be a great basis for an outfit! Summer is perfect to wear some see-through tops, either to festivals or just to look stylish on a hot day. Slip your vest underneath your top and you’re ready to go.

3. Above a t-shirt

Another option can be to put your vest over a short-sleeved t-shirt. Not only does this look great, it also breaks away from the classic t-shirt and trousers look.

4. Above a long-sleeve t-shirt

Now, this is still a summer look, but you might want to cover up a bit more if it is a bit chilly. No problem! Put on a long-sleeved t-shirt and add your vest for a warmer look.

5. Underneath a short-sleeved shirt

We all have them. No really, we all have a thrifted hawaiian shirt or an old short-sleeved shirt that has been lying around for ages. Put your vest underneath an open shirt and feel the summer vibe going through your body.

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