How to spend Lockdown 2.0: Save Your Wardrobe!

7 Nov 2020
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Here, our founder Hasna Kourda shares her vision for Save Your Wardrobe, and invites you to join us on a magical and crucial journey to reconnect with your clothes.

As lockdown begins, we have two options. Do we connect and take action, or disconnect and take to the sofa? At Save Your wardrobe we have a suggestion. Just connect! Not only with others by joining our app, but with yourself by digitising your wardrobe, much in the same was as Apple asked us to inventory our music collections in the noughties. 

When the Save Your Wardrobe App went public on March 3 2020, I was inspired by Plato’s Allegory of the Cave; the idea that we believe what we have been told – in this instance that more stuff equals more status and more happiness – without seeking proof from the real world. 

In the case of fashion, we have been taught to believe that clothing is a product we can consume, and waste, at will, without giving thought to its consequences to the planet. 

Well, we can’t do this anymore. Fast fashion is totally unsustainable. It is suffocating us. It is overwhelming us. We have to stop this throwaway fashion culture now. 

For me, Save Your Wardrobe exists solely to help you take back control from the machine that makes it too easy to buy fast fashion, and then to forget we own it and buy more. 

We are here to remind people that to bring joy to fashion is not about a quick click purchase. Joy in fashion is about slowing it down enough to appreciate it. You don’t need a “fashion fix”. What you need is much simpler: open your wardrobe, and take an inventory of it, like a shopkeeper doing a stocktake. Then deal with it. Repair, rejuvenate, resell, upcycle, mend, donate or simply rediscover. Our app connects you with easy and conscious ways to do it all. And you’ll get that fix in a mindful and ultimately more satisfying way. 

If you are one of the 65% of women or 44% of men who have clothing in their wardrobe they have not worn even once, welcome! If want to be more fashion citizen than consumer, you’re in the right place. We can help you use your tech to control the way you shop, not enable you to shop even more.

We have the perfect way to get going. The lockdown and changed thinking arising from the pandemic gives us the absolutely perfect opportunity. This week we introduced the 12 Steps to Fashion Citizenship, a step-by-step guide to permanently changing your relationship with your clothes.

Over the next month of lockdown, we will be introducing the steps and hosting the “Save Your Wardrobe Sessions” on Zoom every Thursday with influential fashion speakers. Join us to hear their stories, starting Thursday the 12th of November with Fashion Revolution co-founder Orsola De Castro.

Let’s not forget – we are all in this together. When you join us you are not downloading an app, you are taking the first step towards the first day of your sustainable life. 

Hasna Kourda
Save Your Wardrobe