How To Style Your Scarf in Different Ways

23 Sept 2021
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It might be the end of summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear scarves as tops or cover-ups when you go on vacation or during a hot day! As a last hurrah to summer, and to celebrate experimenting with different ways to use items in your wardrobe, sustainable personal stylist Sara Ibrahim will take you through styling your scarves in different ways.

Experimenting with different ways to wear scarves is an amazing way to start looking at your wardrobe in a more sustainable way. Why? Scarves are versatile, timeless, seasonless and joyful pieces! In addition, they can fit in any suitcase and you can do so much with them on holiday! Last but not least, they adapt themselves to any body shape and create different looks for your silhouette.

Whether you go for a designer, silk, cotton, patterned or monochrome scarf make sure you play with the individual characteristics of the scarf. To give you a bit of inspiration, here are five easy and stylish ways to start your creative journey with scarves!

1. Cover-up

Take your scarf, roll the scarf around your neck and tie a knot on each end of the scarf. 

You will have two holes for your arms. Put your arms through the holes and your scarf will be turned into a nice cover-up.

Styling tip: Don’t want to show your arms? With this cover-up, you can wear any strapless or spaghetti straps dress without a problem and get a very chic look.

2. Wrap skirt

Wrap your scarf around your waist and roll the edges of the two corners. 

Double knot them at the back. And voila!

3. Tote bag

You will need bangles to get the handles of your “new” bag and a scarf for the body of the bag.

Tie each corner of the scarf around the bangle and you have a cool bag for your night out.

4. Cute dress

Secure a belt around your chest. Pull your scarf underneath the belt and get to the length you want.

Now, emphasise your waistline with a second belt and complete the look.

5. Greek goddess look

Take your scarf and tie the two ends of the scarf on one of your shoulders. Wrap the scarf around your body and secure it with a belt or a ribbon on your waistline. 

Tie the ribbon with a nice bow. 

Styling tip: If the pattern of your scarf is quite busy keep the bow of your ribbon on the back to make the outfit more flattering.

And that’s how you do it! Make sure to find different ways to use the items in your wardrobe, and to make it easier for you to have a view of your clothes, upload them to your digital wardrobe in the app. Check out last week’s blog to learn how you can mix and match directly through the app

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