How to take photos of your clothing for your digital wardrobe

30 Sept 2021
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There are different types of wardrobe savers in this world. Those that take photos of their clothing already styled on themselves, those that upload photos from the internet and those that like to take pictures of the clothes in their wardrobe lying flat on the ground or on a hanger.

We often get asked what is the best way to take photos when they are lying flat or on hangers, so today, we will show you how to get a cohesive wardrobe using your phone, your clothes, and the Save Your Wardrobe app.

1. Put one item per photo

Before taking a photo through Save Your Wardrobe, let’s prepare the scene. For starters, make sure that only one item of clothing is visible on the picture, so that you are clear about which item you are looking at in your wardrobe. 

2. Choose a plain background

Then, choosing a plain background is also a great way for the Save Your Wardrobe tools to work optimally. This includes AI that fills in the brand of the item, what category of item it is, as well as our background removal feature for a cohesive wardrobe with the same background.

3. Use a hanger in front of a white wall

This is perfect if you want to use our background removal feature. If your clothes aren’t white or beige, use a hanger in front of a white wall. If your clothes are white, try to use another colour in order for your piece of clothing to be easily visible against the background. 

4. Or lay it flat on the ground

Don’t have hangers or can’t find a good place to hang your piece of clothing? Your floor should be absolutely fine to take a great picture of your item!

5. Don’t forget light!

The scene is now set and you are ready to take photos of your wardrobe. But don’t forget to make sure the light is looking good for your photos. Once you have adjusted the light, start snapping your photos and use our background removal feature in order for your items to be the stars of the photo.

Now that you know how you can get a cohesive wardrobe with only your items inside them, you are ready to start using the full functions of your digital wardrobe. Start out by making outfits and seeing the different ways you can mix and match your clothes. For a tutorial on mix and matching, check out our last blog!

And once you have outfits and a full wardrobe, make sure to discover the other options you have, like repairing or altering your clothes, cleaning your leather bags, and more…