Queens of Vintage: In Conversation with The Pansy Garden

9 Feb 2022
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Introducing QUEENS OF VINTAGE, a series where we speak to our favourite vintage experts about all things style, sourcing and sustainability. First up we are speaking to Beth aka @thepansygarden. If you are looking for the 70s dream aesthetic The Pansy Garden is the place to shop, but you’ll have to be quick, drops sell out fast!

Georgia Taylor-Stidwell: What started your love of vintage? I know you have been collecting since you were a teen!

The Pansy Garden: When I was around 16 years old I developed a love for vintage. It all started at a 60’s night a friend invited me to! I was really into subcultures throughout my teens, and they are so often associated with really distinctive styles. I was obsessed with the swinging 60s, Twiggy and Mod fashion. I began hunting out original 60s pieces from everywhere possible. I ended up with a huge collection so began selling to friends and this is where my journey began. Now, my taste in vintage is very different but I will always still love the scene that started it all!

G: Can you reflect on the current obsession with vintage, is it here to stay in your opinion? Why is it so cool now?

TPG: Vintage has hugely increased in popularity over the last several years. I think this is mainly due to brands which have emerged which are clearly inspired by vintage and also the pressing need to make more sustainable lifestyle choices. There really is nothing better than owning something original and unique. The quality is always unmatched. I can’t see the trend going anywhere soon!

G: What do you look for when buying vintage? The Pansy Garden has such a specific aesthetic, is this hard to maintain?

TPG: I always stick to three checkpoints when sourcing, they are: natural fabrics, beautiful prints, stunning silhouettes. Keeping a running brand aesthetic is difficult, but I only source what I love. I would rather close down than sell pieces I didn’t truly love. It is hard work and many hours sourcing, but knowing I have found and re-homed so many beautiful things really makes it worth it.

G: What has been your biggest pinch me moment since starting TPG in 2019?

It has got to be when two of my ultimate icons shopped with me in the same week, no name dropping here, but it truly is a moment I will never forget. A clue to one of them is she really has got the love! I feel so honoured to have support from such amazing people!

G: What has been your favourite vintage piece you have found, either one you have kept or one which you have sold? 

TPG: Oooh this is a hard one. I have had so many insane pieces, but I think my favourite to date has got to be the burgundy velvet Gina Fratini dress I parted ways with last October. Honestly, I love all of my pieces! Everything I sell pains me to let go, but knowing they go to the best homes is truly the best thing. 

Burgundy velvet Gina Fratini dress

G: How important do you think vintage is to forming a more sustainable fashion future?

TPG: Hugely important. While I do think the rise of small fashion brands is amazing, nothing will beat the original vintage. Using what is already in existence will always be a more sustainable option. I just hope I can continue to source the best pieces forever!

To see more of The Pansy Garden check out her website and stay tuned for our next conversation with the fabulous QUEENS OF VINTAGE!