Repair, re-use and refresh with Zalando and Save Your Wardrobe

18 Oct 2021
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Our mission has always been to make clothes last as long as possible, and for this offering to be available to as many consumers as possible. We are very proud to announce that we have partnered with Zalando to offer affordable aftercare services to their customers.  

Zalando published a report in April around sustainability in the fashion industry and the actions needed to create actionable change. In order to respond to these recommendations Zalando and Save Your Wardrobe launched a care and repair initiative this week which connects Zalando’s website with a digital booking system for aftercare services created by SYW.

A trial in Germany

The aftercare booking system is trialling in Berlin and Dusseldorf and enables Zalando customers to repair, alter or clean their clothes in order to keep them looking good as new as long as possible. 

Mobile interface of the booking system

How it works

Once on the booking service landing page, users are able to choose their city of choice (Berlin or Dusseldorf for now) and then their postcode. 

Service booking landing page

The services available in their area will then pop up as well as the different providers. Once you click on a service, you will be able to see each service provider bio. Click onto a service provider and you can see their specialisms as well as standardised sample pricing for each service offered. 

Service Provider landing page, here Shoe Repairs

Once a user has found the service provider and service they would like done, they can click to book it. Users can then upload photos of the item they would like repaired, altered or clean. Our image recognition technology will identify the brand while users input key details of what exactly they want done to the item. 

Final booking step, uploading your image and adding key details to get a quote

An estimated quote will then be generated and sent to the user, who can even ask for multiple services to be done at once. Any questions and queries are sent to the SYW customer service team through a messaging system. Users will have four hours to approve a quote once it has been sent, and payment will only be taken once both parties have agreed to the price. 

Extending aftercare services to DIY

However, taking care of your clothes doesn’t only go through booking services but also through personal care. Zalando and Save Your Wardrobe also take into account educating users and consumers around what they can do to make their clothes last. 

Hence, the care and repair initiative includes DIY content directly on the service booking landing page, which will complement the services or enable users that can’t have access to the services as of yet to take care of their clothes on their own. 


The platform is now live, so don’t hesitate to go book some local aftercare if you live in Berlin or Dusseldorf! Want to learn more about Save Your Wardrobe? Read our last blog to learn more about our business and founder