Save Your Wardrobe: A Remarkable Year in Review

WORDS BY Georgia Taylor-Stidwell
22 Dec 2023
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As we bid farewell to 2023, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on an amazing year for Save Your Wardrobe. Join us on a journey through the months, celebrating the milestones that have shaped our mission and pushed the needle towards a more circular industry.

January: Sneaker Cleaning Launch

In January, we launched sneaker cleaning services on our app and website. Partnering with skilled craftspeople, our aim is to extend the life of sneakers and combat the alarming statistic of 22 billion pairs ending up in landfills.

February: Forbes Recognition

February brought recognition as Forbes named Save Your Wardrobe an innovator driving London's Tech Revolution. 

March: US Expansion and NYC Pop-Up

Expanding our reach across the Atlantic, March marked a significant milestone with our first physical pop-up in New York City. The event celebrated repair and care as our partnerships with existing local businesses allowed us to offer live aftercare services in-store to customers.

April: Website Relaunch and Circular Fashion Tools

In April we unveiled a brand-new website, with the aim of equipping brands, consumers and service providers with tools to unlock circular fashion. The platform provides an enhanced service booking experience for aftercare services, along with comprehensive advice and upskilling techniques.

May: Collaboration with Beyond Retro

Teaming up with Beyond Retro in May, we celebrated the skills of our network of service partners. Save Your Wardrobe's circular mission came to life as our CEO Hasna spoke on our collaborative panel, emphasising the importance of local businesses as the 'unsung heroes of circular fashion.'

June: LVMH Innovation Award and VivaTech Triumph

June brought one of our most prestigious achievements to date – the LVMH Innovation Award 2023 at VivaTech in Paris. Bernard Arnault, Chairman, and CEO of LVMH, awarded our CEO Hasna with the Grand Prize, recognising Save Your Wardrobe's role in shaping the future of sustainable fashion. Bernard Arnault stated, "Save Your Wardrobe perfectly illustrates our ambition in creative circularity."

July: Research on Care and Repair

July was dedicated to shedding light on the importance of brands offering care and repair services. Our research revealed overwhelming support for brands embracing aftercare, highlighting a shift towards more sustainable and responsible consumer choices.

August: Panel Discussions and Awards

This year has been so busy for our CEO Hasna taking part in numerous panel discussions, including Vogue’s REpair & Care panel at the Business Fashion Environment Summit. Additionally, Hasna was a judge for the Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2023, celebrating organisations championing sustainability.

September: La Maison des Startups and Global Impact

September marked our entry into La Maison des Startups, a fast-track for startups to work with the LVMH Group. Save Your Wardrobe eagerly anticipates revolutionising the future of luxury fashion through our Repair & Care infrastructure platform, streamlining aftersales booking and creating a new circular fashion initiative.

October: Meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook

This year, Hasna met with Apple CEO Tim Cook. Exploring tech specs and presenting Save Your Wardrobe, We resonated with Tim's words, 'We've never felt an urgency to be first, we've felt an urgency to be best.'

November: French Office Opening 

November saw the opening of our French office in Paris, a strategic move to expand our global footprint. Aligned with France's commitment to circular initiatives, our new office is poised to champion care, repair, and responsible consumption.

December: Press Highlights 

Closing the year on a high note, Save Your Wardrobe garnered attention from prestigious outlets, including Forbes, BBC, Citizen Femme, Medium, and more. These highlights underscored our global recognition as a leading force in the circular fashion movement.

As we step into 2024, Save Your Wardrobe is grateful for the incredible journey and eager to continue reshaping the future of fashion. Happy New Year, and here's to another year of innovation, circularity, and global impact!