Save Your Wardrobe app is live!

4 Mar 2020
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The Save Your Wardrobe app is a digital wardrobe management platform that enables mindful fashion consumption behaviour.

The curated ecosystem of services provided by third-party companies helps extend the life of garments to pursue a sustainable wardrobe, via services like mending, upcycling and donating clothing. Utilising Artificial Intelligence a digital version of the user’s wardrobe is created, either by using GDPR compliant data to scan their email for online purchases, or through taking photos of their clothes computer vision automatically scans and tags the features of the items. The app helps users keep track of their daily outfits and provides compelling insights about their wardrobe.

Out of the many pieces of clothing we purchase, we only actually wear a fraction of them. The maintenance of garments is a factor that might affect that. Care of garments can be complex, as they have particular cleaning requirements and it’s not possible to do everything from home. Save Your Wardrobe connects users with platforms that specialise in eco dry-cleaning, tailored to your clothes’ needs, and ultimately encourages users to wear those pieces more often, hassle-free. The app also gives access to tailoring platforms that can take care of damaged or ill-fitting garments. If some clothes are too worn out, our service partners can repair and upcycle them, giving them a new life.

Through the app, users will realise which items of their wardrobe they are wearing often, and which ones not. In case the user wishes to let go of their unworn clothes, the app offers options to responsibly donate them. The provider ensures that the donated items will be sold in their second-hand market and that the money collected will go to a charity of the user’s choice. This is an alternative to charity donations, which can often end up in landfills.

By logging in the app users will know what is inside their digital wardrobe at all times, possibly preventing them from buying items that might be similar to the ones they already own, and reducing the number of impulse purchases. Being aware of the content of their wardrobe could help with accumulation and organising issues, while exploring ways to give clothes a second life.

The mission of the Save Your Wardrobe app is to guide users on how to reconnect with the content of their wardrobes and make the most of them, ultimately, encouraging them to buy less and better.

Download the Save Your Wardrobe app now and share your experience with us!