Save Your Wardrobe turns 1: our thanks, impact and looking forward

5 Mar 2021
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A year ago, Save Your Wardrobe launched on iOS. As we celebrate 365 days around the sun, let’s have a look back at what we’ve done, who we’ve got to thank along our journey, and our plans for the near future!

March 3, 2020. Here at Save Your Wardrobe, this date will always stay etched in our minds (and hearts). That is the day SYW launched on iOS and when we started helping users reconnect with their wardrobe in order to become more mindful and conscious about their shopping habits and what they already have. 

Since then, a lot has changed; we aren’t newcomers on the app store anymore, we even had the honor of being named App of the Day by the Apple Editorial Team. We have grown the team to almost 30 people, all while being completely remote, and we have continued to grow our community of wardrobe savers!

Join us while we give thanks to everyone that has helped us along the way and look towards the future!

Our Users

First, we want to say thank you to you, our user, our reader, part of our community. As we strive towards a more sustainable fashion future, we have loved seeing how you use and reuse the clothes in your wardrobe. 

To celebrate our first year of being live, we wanted to share with you your personalised year in review, highlighting not only how you used the app, but how much impact you made even while sitting at home netflix and chilling! 

Along with making the planet more sustainable, the exponential growth of our community since March 3rd has given us invaluable feedback coupled with new ideas for the app. To hear some ways other users use SYW, check out our Instagram highlights and videos, where some users have explained their experience with the app and what they use it for. 

Our Service Partners

We can’t talk about our journey without mentioning our service partners who have supported us throughout this year. They have enabled us to offer an easy and efficient ecosystem where with one click, you can clean your items sustainably, donate them, repair your used clothes or even shop more responsibly.  

With the current situation, we wanted to give a special mention to Crown Tailoring and Dry Cleaning which offer a sanitisation and deodorisation service for clothing and shoes, making sure your clothes are Covid-19 free! With sustainability gaining more traction in the fashion space, users can also use our “Good on You” service to rate their wardrobe and find sustainable alternatives to the clothes they already have, or shop second hand with Thrift+.

As we near the end of lockdown and in honor of this special occasion, it is the perfect time to go through items you already own and use our services so they are in top shape (or size) for June 21st! As part of our 1st birthday celebration, we are offering you special discounts and promotions for cleaning, repairs and alterations, so be sure to check the app!


As our online community grew, so did the breadth of our content. Every week, Melanie Rickey has a discussion with a different expert in the sustainable fashion space, expanding our horizon with new views of what sustainable fashion includes. This will continue this year, with many more inspiring chats to come.

This year was also the year that Clubhouse was created, a space where you can join people to talk about things that you are really passionate about. Our founder Hasna Kourdr now hosts a talk every Friday to discuss different topics, ranging from Gen Z’s attitude towards fashion to the impact of fashion on the climate and soil. Don’t hesitate to join us for insights!

New features

Our goal is always to make our users’ experience better. Since our beginnings, we wanted to have a platform that would give our members an end to end clothing management and aftercare solution.

As we strive to continue being the best digital and sustainable wardrobe ecosystem you could have, we have a new  feature that is going to make digitising your wardrobe an absolute breeze. Indeed, for some of our users, digitising their wardrobe can be a lengthy process, and we puzzled over how we could make the process faster. Answer: email parsing. A few lucky users will be able to test this feature which will enable you to use your emails and the receipts available there to fill up your digital wardrobe in minutes! Creating outfits and reconnecting with your clothes has never been easier! Our app will also be available on Android soon!

Once again, we want to thank you, our service partners and our amazing team for coming with us on our journey. We can’t wait to continue growing and changing with you! We hope you are excited for what is coming and that you have set your calendar for the email parsing. Get ready for the best year yet!