Shopping local, its importance for sustainability

27 May 2021
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You’ve heard it a million times: “Shop local”, and we all know it is important, whether to keep the high street vibrant or the local economy, but how exactly can I shop locally and sustainably?

Buying locally and sustainably doesn’t just mean buying clothes in the shop around the corner, especially if that shop is a fast-fashion shop. In any case, fast-fashion produces and sources materials halfway around the world, meaning the carbon footprint of the brand is going to be elevated in terms of transportation. According to Time for Change, 10 tonnes of freight transported 100km by a modern ship emits between 10 and 40kg of CO2, the equivalent of around 45 pounds of coal burnt.

In order to make sure that buying locally is staying sustainable, you also need to choose your brands well, for brands that are produced ethically, responsible for the environment and locally. So in order to give you some options to reduce your impact on the environment when you are missing some pieces in your wardrobe, here are some UK-produced brands that are also ethical AND sustainable, for accessories, basics, occasionwear and more:


Mashu is a sustainable vegan accessories label specialising in handbags. Their accessories are practical all while being stylish, original and ethical. The brand uses eco-friendly and recycled materials and makes its products by hand to reduce its climate impact but also to create original pieces you will want to share with your friends, like a black and white baguette bag made from cactus leather. But that’s not the only thing Mashu does; adding to the above, their entire product range is vegan and for every bag purchased 5 trees are planted. 

BEEN London

BEEN London is a brand not only using recycled materials but also tackling the plastic waste problem. They offer a range of timeless accessories handmade in London from recycled leather offcuts and plastic bottles to reduce its carbon footprint. They do not use fur, wool, down, exotic animal skin, exotic animal hair or angora but instead use innovative materials showing how transparency and class can align perfectly.

Elvis and Kresse

Some of us are leather lovers but know the impact of new leather on the environment. Elvis & Kresse has fixed this for you! The brand designs its products with reclaimed materials, offering luxury lifestyle bags and accessories. The brand is made in the UK and uses world-class craftsmanship to transform recycled materials into bags, purses, belts and other accessories for both men and women.

Beaumont Organic

If you have a missing piece in your wardrobe, Beaumont Organic has a range of different styles, going from solid color basics such as pants or shirts, to timeless dresses perfect for any occasion. With your comfort in mind, each style is ethically sourced and manufactured from sustainable eco-friendly and vegan fabrics including organic cotton, Italian linen and lyocell. 

Plant Faced Clothing

Looking for cool graphic tees or some statement hoodies? Then Plant Faced Clothing is the responsible brand you should look into for perfect everyday wear. Their clothing is eco-friendly, cruelty-free, ethical, 100% plant-based and gender neutral!

Yes Friends

We’ve been there. No really! We’ve also scoured the internet to find some sustainable t-shirts, only to end up finding organic cotton fast fashion t-shirts made halfway around the globe. Yes Friends is your answer to this. They create sustainable, ethical and affordable T-shirts for everyone, using a high proportion of eco-friendly materials including Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) cotton. Following a successful pre-order campaign, you can now join the waitlist to make sure to be notified when the shop goes live!

So, you’ve now got a place to shop for affordable t-shirts, graphic tees, sweatshirts, dresses and accessories. And bonus, you will be avoiding having to pay extra shipping costs now that the UK has left the EU. 

We hope you enjoy and that you are satisfied with your clothing and your wardrobe. If that isn’t the way you are feeling at the moment, our last blog gives a few self-care tips through clothes and your wardrobe, to feel 100% again.