SYW Presents: 12 Days of Christmas

11 Dec 2020
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This festive season, we are all searching high and low for the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Save Your Wardrobe is here to help you buy better, and for less.

We are launching our 12 Days of Christmas this weekend, giving you a chance to win exclusive promotions, and special gifts to treat yourself and those around you.

This is our way of thanking you, our wonderful community, for your continued support and feedback this year.

Collaboration is key for us, and we are happy to be launching this initiative alongside our partners and wider community of small businesses that all share aligned values of a more conscious lifestyle. 

The prizes include a chance to win a surprise from one of our partner businesses, as well as some one-of a kind special treats like wardrobe styling sessions from key players in the industry. 

Each day from the 14th to the 25th of December, you will have the opportunity to win a special prize so follow us on Instagram and be sure to check our app daily to increase your chances to win. 

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DAY 1: 

Monday 14th of December

We are happy to share with you a special 15% discount code to use with Mah-Roc, an up-cycled bag brand based in Turkey.
You can use this code on their website until the 31st of December 2020.

DAY 2:

Tuesday 15th of December

One special user has been selected to win a special £25 Voucher code with our partner BLANC.

DAY 3:

Wednesday 16th of December

10 Super users have been selected to win 10% discount code with our partner Shoe Spa.

DAY 4:

Thursday 17th of December

Enjoy a special discount to use with on our partner Clothes Doctor’s products. Code: SYW20 to be applied at checkout.
*discount code cannot be combined with other codes, valid until 01.01.2021.

DAY 5:

Friday 18th of December

One of our super user got awarded a special 1 to 1 Session with Save Your Wardrobe Founder and CEO Hasna Kourda.

DAY 6:

Saturday 19th of December

Another chance to shop responsibly with Màh-roc with special 15% discount code: SYWCHRISTMAS.
You can use this code on their website until the 31st of December 2020.

DAY 7:

Sunday 20th of December

3 users has been selected to win a special signed copy of Lauren Bravo’s book: How To Break Up With Fast Fashion.

DAY 8:

Monday 21st of December 

10 users have been selected to win a special offer with our partner, Shoe Spa.

DAY 9:

Tuesday 22nd of December

One lucky user has won a voucher to use with our partner, Blanc 

DAY 10: 

Wednesday 23rd of December

One of our users has one an exclusive 1-1 Session with Fashion Editor, Melanie Rickey to help digitise and clean their wardrobe.

DAY 11:

Thursday 24th of December 

We are happy to share a 20% discount with NOSOPATCHES, an easy to apply patch to stylishly repair any garment or accessory! Discount code: SYW20

DAY 12: 

Friday 25th of December

Merry Christmas! As a special surprise to all our users, we are offering you an exclusive 20% discount with our partner, Clothes Doctor to help you repair or alter any item of clothing. Discount code: SYW20

Discover our Partners


BLANC is a natural artisan garment care specialist, offering an expect non-toxic alternative to conventional dry cleaning which delivers a better quality clean and is kinder to your skin, your clothes and our planet. 

Unlike conventional dry cleaners who soak clothes in toxic chemicals which they then evaporate at very high temperatures, BLANC uses the ‘wet clean’ technology, based on biodegradable, health-friendly detergents and pure water.

Clothes Doctor

Clothes Doctor is an online clothing maintenance service providing clothes repairs, alterations and restoration treatments, The expert team of craftswomen operate a workshop on rural cornwall, with the aim to help you love  your clothes for longer, tackle fashion waste and take pleasure in your wardrobe. 

Shoe Spa

Shoe Spa is a premium restoration service, focused on designer shoes and handbags. They professionally clean, repair, restore and dye leather items.

Special Thanks to Màh-Roc.

Máh-roc was founded in 2016 by Roksan Sarfati to create awareness in up-cycled fashion and sustainable clothing. For more than 2 years, she collected leftover and unwanted garments from all around the world in order to repurpose them and form an ethical fashion brand.

Discover more about them in our blog.