The ultimate sustainable gift giving guide

14 Dec 2021
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Who said you couldn’t have a (more) sustainable Christmas? To help you make sure you don’t lower your standards for gift giving during the holiday season, we’ve put together a list of sustainable gifts you can buy for your friends and family. And don’t forget to scroll through our app’s responsible shopping section for more ideas!

1. Beauty

Let’s start with beauty, an easy gift for those that love a nice scent or painting their nails for the day.

  1. Maison Louis Marie: Antidris Cassis Perfume – A clean luxury fragrance with notes of cassis, bergamot and white rose. 1% of their revenue is redirected to environmental causes and they plant trees on a monthly basis.
  2. Mother of Pearl: Organic silk eye mask – Organic silk certified GOTS with reusable packaging. 
  3. Neal’s Yard: Almond Moisturiser – A cruelty-free moisturiser made from 71% organic ingredients from a company which is carbon-neutral and uses 100% renewable energy. 
  4. The Soap Co: Black Poppy and Wild fig hand wash – A cruelty-free and paraben-free hand wash crafted in the UK by people who are disabled or otherwise disadvantaged.
  5. L’atelier Green: Business as usual nail polish – A nail polish from plant origins, vegan, produced on an eco-friendly site and cruelty-free.

2. Jewellery

Now onto jewellery! Whether some earrings, necklaces or rings, sustainable jewellery can be the perfect Christmas gift. 

  1. Amadeus: Sophia gold ring – A recycled silver ring with gold vermeil, complete with a natural amethyst that bounces light off of it.
  2. Tea and Tequila: Monochrome Mamacita earrings – Hand threaded glass bead earrings by Mexican artisans.
  3. Edge of Ember: Inthefrow Saturn Bracelet Silver – Made with 100% recycled silver.
  4. CaraOSello: Teardrop hoops – Gold vermeil hoops, handmade in the UK.
  5. Amadeus: Venus hoop earrings with large pearl – Fairtrade 14 carat gold vermeil earrings on recycled silver with eco-friendly pearls. 
  6. Orit Elhanati: Solitaire Iman Duo ring – Solid yellow gold ring, handmade in Denmark.

3. Home

Christmas can also be a great way to enable a friend who has just gotten an apartment to have some sustainable decoration. 

  1. Lex Potts: Twist candle – Wax candles with just a little something different!
  2. Urban Nature Culture: Good morning cup – Coffee cups made out of porcelain by artisans.
  3. Kinto: ceramic lab porcelain mug set – Handmade and crafted locally by Japan artisans.
  4. Per Alfeo: The Invisible Artist – looking for sun on grey winter days? Use this sent for a reminder of Italy.

4. Clothing

Last but not least, let’s talk clothing! From underwear to shoes, there is an option for everyone!

  1. Underprotection: Amy lace bandeau – Made from recycled polyamide and elastane.
  2. Cuiti: covert bucket hat – Made from upcycled materials. Includes NFC chip to know more about the sustainability and transparency of the brand.
  3. Childsdraw: Soul ‘89 t-shirt – 100% cotton shirt, made in London in limited runs. 
  4. Dora Larsen: Karla lace soft cup bodysuit – Made from recycled materials, organic cotton and environmentally friendly dyes.
  5. ACBCxPhilippeModel: Lyon White & Black Organic Cotton – Made from recycled materials, organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles.
  6. SABINNA: The Sustainable Scrunchie – Made from the brand’s own production waste, with sustainable fibres.
  7. The Colourful Standard: Merino Wool Beanie – Made from recycled Merino, with environmentally friendly dye. 

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