Upcycling: Why we should support it

5 Feb 2020
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Society is stuck operating in a linear economy, where things are produced, used, and binned. This model is unsustainable and creates too much waste. The fashion industry is highly polluting, and alternatives are needed. But things have started to change, and upcycling is up and running. This helps make the change to a circular economy model, where waste is repurposed.

Recycling and donating clothes can seem effective, but they still create waste and end up in landfills, if not done responsibly. Upcycling is an alternative to these, as it uses leftover or unwanted fabrics to make new and usable pieces. Waste in the fashion industry can be produced in the factories, with fabric shoots, or after purchase, when the customer gets rid of clothes. Upcycling makes use of those to create new garments, creating a new approach to sustainable fashion. 

From Somewhere was an upcycling company, created in 1997 by Orsola de Castro and Filippo Ricci, that created beautiful garments from discarded fabrics. Their goal: Bringing sustainability in fashion, and reusing what is already there. They won the Observer Ethical Awards in the Fashion category in 2010, and have inspired others to start upcycling their own clothes. Even though they are not operating anymore, other similar companies are working with the same focus.

Springkode is a platform that sells unbranded items straight from the manufacturer. The fact that they come directly from the manufacturer makes them more affordable and allow for more transparency. You can know exactly where the clothes come from and get to know who designed them. Transparency is a leap in the right direction for fashion, as too many brands keep information about their supply chain from their customers.

All of the clothes available on the Springkode platform are produced from upcycled and unused fabrics. The company offers quality garments, but it also allows customers to shop responsibly, limiting the environmental impact of their wardrobe. In addition to being sustainable, the garments are also limited editions, as Springkode only creates 50 garments per design. This is great if the customer is looking for unique pieces and for a fashionable edge. 

By buying upcycled clothes we do not contribute to more waste, but instead we repurpose it, while curating the perfect wardrobe.