WoW Woman in Fashion Tech

13 Apr 2018
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Read @hasnakourdainterview with @Women_Wearables about her journey and the story behind Save your wardrobe @saveyrwardrobe

Hasna Kourda is the co-founder and CEO of Save Your Wardrobe. She has a background in Economics with a focus on how to optimise finite resources when creating wealth. She always had a strong interest in fashion both the design and the business aspects and is very much familiar with the challenges the fashion industry is facing and she always wanted to contribute with a solution. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs. She grew up with the entrepreneurial mindset and learnt as much as she could when she used to spend summers working in the family business. Hasna volunteered at the Ethical Fashion Forum and worked in retail for a luxury brand where she found out that most of her clients didn’t know or forgot what they had in their wardrobe, or didn’t know how to style a particular item so they stop wearing it. She saw the opportunity to find a more efficient way to make the most of one’s wardrobe and that’s how the idea of Save Your Wardrobe was born. 

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