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Save Your Wardrobe Session 4 - Reinventing denim with Anna Foster, Founder and Creative Director of E.L.V DENIM

SAVE YOUR WARDROBE SESSION 3 - How to break up with Fast Fashion with Lauren Bravo

SAVE YOUR WARDROBE SESSION 2 - How to Act Like a Fashion Citizen with Dr Kate Fletcher

SAVE YOUR WARDROBE SESSION 1 - From Fashion Consumerism to Fashion Citizenship


Take the 12 steps to Fashion Citizenship, by Melanie Rickey. Start your sustainability journey now.


Rebirth is a vintage clothing line that was created with the objective of giving a second life to abandoned pieces of clothing through up-cycling and customization. Rebirth aims to convey to everyday consumers that sustainable fashion is more simple than commonly thought, does not require new purchases, but can be done through relooking what is already in your wardrobe.


Learn mending skills with Repair What You Wear. A free website teaching essential mending skills from threading a needle to patching ripped jeans.

Discover a full series of online mending and repair tutorials with our partner Clothes Doctor.


Empower Your Wardrobe: 12 Steps to Fashion Citizenship

By Melanie Rickey. It starts with us, me and you, here and now on World Sustainability Day. The last Wednesday of every October is a day for schools, companies and organizations to dedicate their activities to caring for the environment, and the steps we must take to do so.  Here, together with Save Your Wardrobe, […]

How to spend Lockdown 2.0: Save Your Wardrobe!

Here, our founder Hasna Kourda shares her vision for Save Your Wardrobe, and invites you to join us on a magical and crucial journey to reconnect with your clothes. As lockdown begins, we have two options. Do we connect and take action, or disconnect and take to the sofa? At Save Your wardrobe we have […]

Decluttering your wardrobe sustainably: Tips and advice

There is a misconception that changing your lifestyle to be more sustainable is quick and easy. But when we realise that it can take more than a couple of days, and a couple of tries, it might feel discouraging and out of reach. But don’t give up! There are many small steps that are easy […]

Putting The Value Back Into Your Wardrobe

by Fanfare This blog is a contribution from the team of Fanfare, a contemporary sustainable womenswear brand based in London. “As a society we have developed a mindset where we no longer see the value in things which are not outwardly perfect and are quick to discard anything that doesn’t meet this level of perfection. […]

Rebirth Your Wardrobe

Interview with Khadija Ben Achour and Salma Jnifene, Co-Founders of Rebirth. Khadija and Salma are old friends who have always been passionate about fashion and vintage clothing. They are both Tunisian and are now living in Paris, France.  “In June 2020, we decided to become business partners and created Rebirth with the objective of giving […]

De-clutter your wardrobe

After my pregnancy and three months of maternity coma, we moved in a new apartment. It was the perfect opportunity to sort out the mess in my wardrobe. The process of moving helped me get rid of clothes that got lost in the abyss of my wardrobe like that Christmas jumper I only wore once […]

Donating responsibly: The sustainable alternative

Whether we want to declutter our wardrobe or lessen our waste, donating our unwanted clothes is seen as an easy fix. Donating clothes can also be a great way to help people who can’t afford to buy clothes, or to help and support charities. But donating isn’t always what it seems to be, and the […]

Let’s start loving our clothes

I recently attended a panel at Harvey Nichols organised by the Maiyet Collective  and Fashion Open Studio: “How to look after your clothes and make them last”. The panel was moderated by fashion journalist Tamsin Blanchard and the speakers included our founder Hasna Kourda, designers Patrick McDowell and Maddie Williams and Fashion Revolution co-founder and […]

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