Introducing Our Service Partner Network

20 Jan 2021
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We are proud to announce the launch of Save Your Wardrobe’s Aftercare Services Partner Network! 

This network is composed of local, regional and national aftercare providers, including eco clean, repairs, alteration, upcycling, donation, selling, restoration, customisation, and responsible shopping to support our users in extending the lifecycle of garments. Our Services Network is core in supporting our  mission of leading users to adopt a more circular lifestyle within the fashion industry. 

Currently, with autosave features online, buying new items is possible in seconds. What if repurposing, restoring and donating items was just as easy? What if we could make it attractive and easy enough for users to rethink new purchases, and instead care for their existing clothes? The impact on the environment would be game changing. Through our partnership with the wide range of service providers, we aim to do just that. 

Typically, the aftercare industry has relied upon manual processes and physical presence, both of which are not sustainable in the increasingly digital age and pandemic era. Save Your Wardrobe is in the process of revolutionising the industry, supporting more traditional aftercare services digitalise and optimise their processes. Through our technology and customised SIP platforms for Service Providers, paired with the seamless integrated booking engine on the app, users will have an incomparable, effortless experience when booking their services with just a few clicks. 

The bonus layer is of course the digital wardrobe. Choosing an item straight from your wardrobe for a particular service transforms the process as service providers no longer require you to fill out lengthy forms or request a quote; they can see all the details, care instructions and composition of the item immediately, saving time and effort on both ends. 

In the next couple of months, our network will continue to expand,  to provide users in every area of the UK with their favourite cleaners or tailors right from the app, making the more sustainable option even more accessible. 

Visit our brand new webpage dedicated to our Service Partner Platform here for more information on how it works and how to get involved!