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Our aim is to change the way we approach fashion consumption, while also increasing sustainability awareness.

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Empower Your Wardrobe: 12 Steps to Fashion Citizenship

By Melanie Rickey. It starts with us, me and you, here and now on World Sustainability Day. The last Wednesday of every October is a day for schools, companies and organizations to dedicate their activities to caring for the environment, and the steps we must take to do so.  Here, together with Save Your Wardrobe, […]

Inherent Conscious Living: “Kapra” to “Poncha”

Interview with Karishma Shahani Khan, Founder of ‘Ka-Sha’. Karishma Shahani Khan is an alumnus of the London College of Fashion. Her aesthetic is deeply rooted in sustainable practices to create conscious clothing that focuses on functionality and multi-layered roles of humankind. Ka-Sha imbibes its values further in ‘Heart to Haat’, a sister enterprise with a […]

Rebirth Your Wardrobe

Interview with Khadija Ben Achour and Salma Jnifene, Co-Founders of Rebirth. Khadija and Salma are old friends who have always been passionate about fashion and vintage clothing. They are both Tunisian and are now living in Paris, France.  “In June 2020, we decided to become business partners and created Rebirth with the objective of giving […]

Save Your Wardrobe by Loving Your Clothes

For this first ever London Repair Week that took place from the 12th to the 17th of October, Save Your Wardrobe held a panel discussion to discuss the future of sustainable fashion and how digitalisation is easing access to repair services.  For this panel, Hasna, our Founder and CEO has been joined by industry professionals […]

Joining Hands With YAYZY For Carbon Neutrality

We often do not consider the trail of emissions left by our wardrobe items before and after they are in our possession. According to the World Bank, the Fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual carbon emissions, and will surge more than 50 % by 2030. As we want to reduce our global impact […]

From Fast to Slow Fashion

Interview with Roksan Sarfati, Founder and Creative Director of Màh-roc. “If we don’t start to address the negative impacts of the fashion industry soon, we’re not going to have an industry in the future.” When Roksan came back to Turkey in 2016 after graduating from Fashion Design in Italy, she started working in the Fast […]

Pragmatic Sustainability

Interview with Jane Mosbacher Morris, Founder and CEO of TO THE MARKET. “As an ethical business owner you have to think about sustainability, not just environmental sustainability, but the sustainability of your business – the pragmatic sustainability”. Transparency in the supply chain is an area of scrutiny both from the consumers as well as brands […]

From Agro-Waste To Wearable Textiles

Interview with Shikha Shah, Founder and CEO of AltMatCotton T-shirts, Polyester Dresses and Denim are featured in many of our wardrobes, but do we really know just how much our favourite items of clothing are affecting the environment?  All conventional fibres that constitute our items of clothing have different environmental and social impacts and as […]

Introduction to the Series: Sustainable Fashion in the Global South

Fashion is borderless. It affects 60 million garment workers around the world, 161 million people working through the industry supply chain and 7.8 billion global consumers.  Now more than ever, as levels of consumption continue to increase around the globe, we are witnessing the adverse impact on people, animals and the natural environment.  We are […]

Who Made Your Clothes?

‘Made in China’. ‘Made in India’. ‘Made in Peru’. On the brief occasion where we may glance at the tag on our clothes, perhaps to check laundry instructions or the size, the label tells us the origin of our clothing. China has a population of almost 1.4 billion, and covers 9.5 million square kilometers, not […]

Putting The Value Back Into Your Wardrobe

by Fanfare This blog is a contribution from the team of Fanfare, a contemporary sustainable womenswear brand based in London. “As a society we have developed a mindset where we no longer see the value in things which are not outwardly perfect and are quick to discard anything that doesn’t meet this level of perfection. […]

Good On You, Great on the environment

On April 24th, 2013 a garment factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh collapsed and 1,134 people died in this tragic event that shocked the world. It was a wake up call for the entire fashion community, as well as consumers. That was when important organisations, such as Fashion Revolution were born to advocate for the rights of […]

Sustainability in times of crisis

With the arrival of this pandemic, the fashion industry has been hit hard. Companies have started to refuse to pay for garments that had already been completed, cancelling orders, and letting workers go without pay. The industry is taking a hit, and many companies are likely to be in financial distress. But different companies have […]

Working from home – insights and tips

Working from home has become the new norm for many during this virus outbreak. Whether you are working alone or alongside a team, working from home is necessary in these times of quarantining. However, it might be new to many, and it might seem overwhelming. How do you separate work and leisure when they all […]

Self-reflection in times of coronavirus

Even though isolation can be a hard and challenging time, focusing on the good things that surround you is always a way to make you feel better. So make some space, in your living area and in your head, focus on family and on friends, online or in your household, remember that this isn’t forever, […]

Stay at home and take time for yourself!

With the pandemic currently happening, many of us are stuck at home – self-isolating and social distancing for the good of the community and for everyone that may be vulnerable to the virus. It might seem like hard times are ahead of us, but you could look at this time of quarantining as a way […]

The impact of the coronavirus on the fashion industry

As coronavirus cases continue to increase, the fashion industry is preparing itself for a drop in sales. With 62 countries impacted and over 119 000 reported cases, the coronavirus is in the frontlines of all the news articles. With the outbreak starting in Wuhan, China, in December 2019, many areas of the country have been […]

Celebrating International Women’s Day at Save Your Wardrobe

This year the theme for International Women’s Day is #EachforEqual, and “I am generation equality”. It’s a day to remind ourselves of the journey we’ve had, and it advocates for equality. It is also a day to celebrate the achievements of women all over the world. Social, personal or professional achievements, they all deserve to […]

Save Your Wardrobe app is live!

The Save Your Wardrobe app is a digital wardrobe management platform that enables mindful fashion consumption behaviour. The curated ecosystem of services provided by third-party companies helps extend the life of garments to pursue a sustainable wardrobe, via services like mending, upcycling and donating clothing. Utilising Artificial Intelligence a digital version of the user’s wardrobe […]

Decluttering your wardrobe sustainably: Tips and advice

There is a misconception that changing your lifestyle to be more sustainable is quick and easy. But when we realise that it can take more than a couple of days, and a couple of tries, it might feel discouraging and out of reach. But don’t give up! There are many small steps that are easy […]

Mindful mending: an interview with Lily Fulop

Extending the life of your garments, in a fast-fashion world might seem like an impossible thing to do. Clothes from that industry are not made to last and often are easily damaged. With the low cost of clothes, it’s so easy to throw away damaged garments and exchange them for new ones, but from a […]

Alterations and Repairs: an alternative to waste

The saying “make do and mend” was first used during the Second World War, when clothes rationing was introduced. Using, reusing and mending your own clothes was encouraged as a way of reducing everyone’s consumption.  Even though it has been more than 70 years since this rationing was implemented, the saying still goes, and the […]

“The Future of Fashion and Retail” panel

On the 23rd of January, our CEO and Co-Founder, Hasna Kourda, was invited to “The Future of Fashion and Retail: Accelerating Innovation” panel, hosted by FashHack, Dream Assembly by Farfetch and London & Partners. We were very pleased with the turnout and the insightful discussion. Hasna says that the digital insights tools they have give […]

Upcycling: Why we should support it

Society is stuck operating in a linear economy, where things are produced, used, and binned. This model is unsustainable and creates too much waste. The fashion industry is highly polluting, and alternatives are needed. But things have started to change, and upcycling is up and running. This helps make the change to a circular economy […]

Eating on a plant-based diet: Our Veganuary experience

One day of mid-November we were sitting together with Olga (our amazing Customer Success manager) having our lunch at the office, when we started discussing veganism (at the time we were both following a vegetarian lifestyle). Olga mentioned the Veganuary campaign, which I had never heard of before. Veganuary is when the first month of […]

Donating responsibly: The sustainable alternative

Whether we want to declutter our wardrobe or lessen our waste, donating our unwanted clothes is seen as an easy fix. Donating clothes can also be a great way to help people who can’t afford to buy clothes, or to help and support charities. But donating isn’t always what it seems to be, and the […]

Making the switch to eco-friendly dry-cleaning. Better for your health, for your clothes, and for the planet

Orsola De Castro once said “The most sustainable clothes are the one already in your wardrobe”. Reusing clothes and repurposing them is at the heart of having a sustainable wardrobe. But making your clothes last longer, while being sustainable is another challenge that we need to collectively tackle. There is an overwhelming need for an […]

The Times & The Sunday Times feature: “How the fashion rule book is changing – one app at a time”

Thank you The Times & The Sunday Times for coming by our office to discuss mobile tech innovation. The success of the fashion-tech entrepreneur Hasna Kourda is a case in point. The co-founder of the Save Your Wardrobe app, a “digital shopping companion” that helps customers digitise their wardrobes and avoid wasteful buying, says: “Mobile […]

Forbes feature: “Retail Futures: 9 Trends, Strategies And Innovation Opportunities To Set 2020 Alight”

Thank you Katie Baron for this feature in Forbes discussing fashion innovation in 2020. Also look to digital wardrobe-monitoring concepts. Save Your Wardrobe–fashion’s brand-integrated answer to Fitbit, which adds old clothes (via photos) and new purchases (via receipts) into one virtual closet connected to repair, donations and resales –busts out of beta in 2020. Here, […]

Featured on Refinery29: “Make Do & Mend: Why Repairing Our Clothes Is The Key To Sustainable Fashion”

Thank you Refinery29 for the feature and Orsola De Castro for the support. With an increasing number of repair services available – Orsola flags a soon-to-launch site called Save Your Wardrobe, which aims to help users “make the most of [their] wardrobe”, partnering with Clothes Doctor as well as eco-dry cleaners Blanc and donation service Thrift+ – there’s an opportunity […]

Tide interview: “Hasna Kourda and Mehdi Doghri, the couple helping you make the most out of your wardrobe”

We sat down for an interview with Tide and explained how our app can help users make the most of their wardrobe. “I realised that people really are disconnected from the contents of their wardrobe. Here is a problem we might be able to fix – helping customers to make the right purchases and the […]

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia interview: “How Tunisian Entrepreneur Hasna Kourda Is Making Fashion More Sustainable Through Tech And AI”

Read our interview with Allyson Portee from Harper’s Bazaar Arabia on how Tech and AI can make the fashion industry more sustainable. Hasna spent her whole life growing up in the North African country of Tunisia. She studied in France after high school and she has spent the last six years living in London, bridging fashion […]

Glamour magazine UK feature – “What will the world look like in 20 years’ time? We asked the top trend forecasters and their answers were fascinating”

Thank you Glamour magazine for the feature! “[…] while other similar apps require a lot of time for users to catalogue all of their clothes, fashion app, Save Your Wardrobe’s management system, “aims to make it almost subconscious. As soon as a customer buys an item online, the app will automatically upload it to the […]

Sustainability – Big VS. Small

Our CEO, Hasna Kourda, was part of a panel this week at SHOWstudio. The panel was chaired by Orsola de Castro, Creative Director & Co-Founder of Fashion Revolution. She was joined by Elisalex de Castro Peake, Bethany Williams and Georgina Johnson to discuss size, replicating and upscaling, and how small is the new big in […]

Where it all began…

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Hasna Kourda, started Save Your Wardrobe with a hope of making consumers more aware of their after purchase behaviour.  At the end of its lifecycle an item can be donated, gifted, repurposed or recycled, however in most cases it ends up in a landfill. Hasna grew up in Tunisia, where as […]

How will Levi’s IPO affect its future business?

Levi Strauss & Co. has gone public for the second time since its first attempt over 30 years ago, from 1971 to 1985. On the 13th of February, the San Fransisco retailer filed for a proposed Initial Public Offering (IPO) of shares on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker “LEVI”. According to […]

Let’s start loving our clothes

I recently attended a panel at Harvey Nichols organised by the Maiyet Collective  and Fashion Open Studio: “How to look after your clothes and make them last”. The panel was moderated by fashion journalist Tamsin Blanchard and the speakers included our founder Hasna Kourda, designers Patrick McDowell and Maddie Williams and Fashion Revolution co-founder and […]

The voices of sustainable fashion to follow

Happy Women’s Day to all women leading the change! Our CEO Hasna Kourda featured on EuroNews among leaders of the Sustainable Fashion movement: The Voices to Follow : Amy Ann Cadwell, Carry Somers, Lucy Siegle, Hasna Kourda, Kathleen Elie by Mary-Jane Wiltsher You can read more here:

Our CEO & co-founder, Hasna Kourda, nominated in “301 Female Trailblazers of Tech” list

Our CEO & co-founder, Hasna Kourda, nominated in “301 Female Trailblazers of Tech” list This week BusinessCloud has published the first names of its long-awaited ‘301 Female Tech Trailblazers‘ list. And we are super proud to see our co-founder and CEO Hasna Kourda listed there alongside actress and tech entrepreneur Maisie Williams. If you want to read the […]

Clothes Doctor and Save Your Wardrobe announce strategic partnership

Clothes Doctor and Save Your Wardrobe announce strategic partnership Clothes Doctor and the exciting new app Save Your Wardrobe are delighted to announce a strategic partnership launching in January 2019. This will allow Save Your Wardrobe users to order wardrobe maintenance through the app, creating an effortless way to maintain and refresh their clothing through […]

Save your wardrobe is part of the Fashion for Good-Plug and Play Accelerator Cohort #4!

Rethinking the business of fashion with 12 new start-ups – Save your wardrobe has been selected to be part of theFashion for Good-Plug and Play Accelerator next cohort in Amsterdam. Super excited to announce that we have been selected to be part of the Cohort #4 of theFashion for Good-Plug and Play Accelerator in Amsterdam. Will […]

Ecotextile News interview: “A UK-based technology start-up is seeking to challenge the throwaway culture of ‘fast fashion’ by utilising Artificial Intelligence…”

Read Save your wardrobe’s CEO,  Hasna Kourda‘s interview with Ecotextile News here: LONDON – A UK-based technology start-up is seeking to challenge the throwaway culture of ‘fast fashion’ by utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help consumers in reusing and upcycling garments which they already own. Save Your Wardrobe has developed an online platform which enables users […]

Forbes interview: “Save Your Wardrobe Fashion App Promises Double Whammy Of More Streamlined & Sustainable Living”

Read our interview with @KatieBaron from Forbes on our promise of more streamlined and sustainable living through our app Next month, new ‘digital closet’ app Save Your Wardrobe will launch in beta on a mission to tackle fashion gluttony. Backing streamlining as the sexier side of sustainability, it’s relevancy-focused mantra promises to give brands a […]

WoW Woman in #FashionTech

Read @hasnakourda interview with @Women_Wearables about her journey and the story behind Save your wardrobe @saveyrwardrobe Hasna Kourda is the co-founder and CEO of Save Your Wardrobe. She has a background in Economics with a focus on how to optimise finite resources when creating wealth. She always had a strong interest in fashion both the design […]

Join us for a panel discussion on Sustainability on 25th April 2018

“Next Wave Fashion Tech – Sustainability & Smart Textiles” panel event Join Hasna Kourda, Save your wardrobe’s CEO, for a panel discussion on #Sustainability in fashion moderated by Marija Butkovic from Women of Wearables the 25th April at 6pm:  “Next Wave Fashion Tech – Sustainability & Smart Textiles”      

Our interview with London College of Fashion – London

“Meet the fash tech stars of the future… Save Your Wardrobe…” . Our interview with London College of Fashion 😎🤓 LCF’s Centre for Fashion Enterprise is working with six new fash tech businesses as part of a project called Fashion and Technology Emerging Futures, funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The project vision is […]

Featured on The Good Web Guide – “Five Must Follow Feeds”

Thanks for the feature Clothes Doctor on The Good Web Guide 💖 “This is an app that helps you choose what to wear before you get out of bed. Taking the weather, your calendar entries and your mood into consideration, and perfect for those days when you’re feeling really uninspired. Launching very soon – I […]


Thanks INTERLACED for the mention! Super proud and excited to work alongside the others amazing CFE FashionTech pioneers to shake up the fashion industry! London College of Fashion’s Centre for Fashion Enterprise (CFE) has announce six new businesses to join its FashTech Pioneer Programme. Taking full advantage of fashion and technology innovation, non-woven textiles company […]

Startup&bloom conference – Pitch competition

Thank you Blooming Founders for giving us the opportunity to pitch at the Startup&bloom conference! It was great to be there surrounded by great startups and amazing female entrepreneurs! #FemaleFounders #womenintech #startup #london #fashiontech  

Save your wardrobe selected for the CFE Fashtech Pioneers program

Save your wardrobe selected for the CFE Fashtech Pioneers program We are proud to announce that Save your wardrobe has been selected by the highly sought after Centre for Fashion Entreprise as one of the next generation Fashion Tech Pioneer! We are excited to receive their support for our venture! #whatchthisspace ! Taking full advantage of fashion and technology […]

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DIY off the shoulder dress with a Fouta towel

Although British summer seems to be long gone, I am still hoping that I would enjoy some Tunisian sun bathing  when I’ll be there in September. I dug this fouta towel I bought four years ago and I wasn’t using much lately so I thought it would be nice to try making a dress out of […]

De-clutter your wardrobe

After my pregnancy and three months of maternity coma, we moved in a new apartment. It was the perfect opportunity to sort out the mess in my wardrobe. The process of moving helped me get rid of clothes that got lost in the abyss of my wardrobe like that Christmas jumper I only wore once […]

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